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"Before you begin to read this, I want you to know that every word I am about to type is the honest truth, and not a single word is being written because this amazing and incredible human being and yoga instructor also happens to be one of my closest family members. Being an only child, Kiley has been the older sister to me that I could have only dreamed of having. I’ve been able to experience her smile, her laugh, her wisdom, and her infectious personality since as long as I could remember (how lucky am I right!?). She has become one of the biggest inspirations in my life, as not as a single thing about that optimism has changed, despite everything this woman has been through. It has been such a blessing for me to see how yoga has helped Kiley through these times, and how Ki (as always) is now using her amazing talents as an instructor and as the most loveable person I know, to give back to others. Kiley and my other dearest cousin Chelsea came to visit me in Colorado this past summer and Ki was sweet enough to lead a yoga class for us in my basement. We had no equipment, no mats, and yet Kiley found two couch pillows and put her playlist on and made the absolute best of the situation. My life is absolutely amazing, but it is also a whirlwind. Between working out 4-6 hours every day, and travelling almost weekly for sponsor obligations and appearances, I rarely have time to simply breathe and relax. This session with Ki was such a treat, because she knew exactly what we (her students) needed, and she gave it to us. It was the most relaxing 60 minutes I had experience in an incredibly long time, and Chelsea and I could hardly believe it when Kiley told us it has already been an hour. Not only were we totally at peace emotionally, but the stretches and poses Kiley led us through were exactly what we needed to release any tension or stress we were both holding onto. Kiley is unique in many, many ways. But what makes her the best yoga instructor I know is her passion for yoga, her passion for life, but most importantly her passion for the people she gets to work with. She is there for you, and you alone, and will do whatever it takes to make sure that you have an amazing experience with her leading you, and that what you take away from class is exactly what you needed.

From a totally unbiased cousin,

XOXO Missy Franklin"

-Missy Franklin; two time Olympian and five time Gold Medalist/most amazing cousin & friend in the world.

"Kiley was my very first yoga instructor ever. One night my friends convinced me to get off the couch and go to yoga with them at a studio in San Luis Obispo, CA called Spark Yoga. I was nervous, self-conscious, and downright intimidated by all the seasoned yogis stationed around me in the studio. But after a couple minutes of gathering straps and blocks and waiting on our mats, Kiley walks in and starts the class. All those negative emotions I was feeling prior had gone away completely. She gave perfect directions for the poses, most of which I had never done before, and gave us amazing words of encouragement and positivity. After the class, as I was leaving, she introduced herself to me and made me feel like I was already part of the family. And the next week when I returned for her class, she remembered my name without hesitation.
Even after a month of taking different classes, with different instructors, Kiley remained my favorite by far. You can feel her passion for yoga emanating from her every time you’re in the studio with her. Her genuine positivity is a huge breath of fresh air and I would always leave class feeling completely at ease, thankful, and energized. (And, being a hot yoga studio, sweaty like you wouldn’t believe.) Monday nights had become my favorite night of the week. Then a few months later Kiley announced she was leaving California for the east coast. Needless to say, this hit me harder than I thought it would. I had a lot of trouble keeping it together during her last session at the studio. And I wasn’t the only one. There were many tears and hugs shared that night, but now, after a few more months, I am SO excited to see Kiley starting her online classes! It brings me so much joy to be able to practice under her again, and I can’t wait for her classes to start! If you’re searching for an online yoga instructor, look no further."

-Nolan Perry; Spark Yoga in San Luis Obispo CA

"Let me begin by admitting that not only am I the least flexible person you will ever meet, but I also have not had much luck pursuing the art of yoga. Every time I attempt to seek the glorious meditational bliss my yogi friends speak of, I end up adding to my never-ending, mental to-do list, miss the opportunity to delve into the source of my unrest, and pull a muscle or two. That is, until I took a class, or rather, a journey with Miss Kiley Schottenfeld of Kekoa Yoga. If you know Kiley personally, you know that if there was anyone in this world to trust to guide you on the road to internal bliss, while showering you with unending acceptance and light, it’s her. From the moment I stepped into her outdoor oasis of a studio, I felt an overwhelming calmness that, let’s face it, is hard to find in this day and age. My first session was personalized to me, everything from the music, tone of voice, and physical adjustments, to the selection of yoga styles and the combinations of essential oils that filled the air. By the end of my hour and a half session, I was overcome with emotion. It seemed that somewhere along the deep, restorative poses and adjustments, Kiley flipped a stress-relieving, emotion-releasing switch that sent me into a flurry of tears, bliss, and laughter. I was sold. I signed up for personal and group sessions whenever I was feeling cluttered and overwhelmed, and started to crave the restorative sessions even when the days were bright! My final Kiley-customized, restorative yoga session, before moving out of the area, was illuminated by the glow of the moonlight, serenaded by the ocean, saturated with the smell of citrus, and helped prepare me for the biggest adventure of my life. I will never be able to thank Kiley enough for giving me the feeling of bliss, instilling a sense of strength within me, and guiding me through a difficult time in my life. To be honest, I am elated to hear that through Kekoa Yoga, Kiley will be able to help more people with her incredible gift of healing and guidance. So whether you are in mental, emotional, or physical strife, I strongly recommend Kekoa Yoga with Kiley Schottenfeld!" 

-Kelly Morello; Student of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis

 "I love Kiley, yoga not so much.  The best part of yoga class is to see Kiley’s smile.  I started yoga to increase my flexibility and relieve my back pain.  It was just happenstance that I had Kiley as an instructor.  I am a large man that has had many past athletic injuries.   Kiley helped modify the poses so I could get the benefit of the exercise.  Slowly, I was able to improve my flexibility and get into most poses.  Although, I was the least flexible student in the class Kiley had created an environment that did not make me feel inferior but focused on individual improvement.  Kiley made everyone feel welcome, comfortable and cared for.  She ended her class with some home grown poetry and encouragement.  I know that I and my fellow yogis miss Kiley as our instructor and her unbelievable positive attitude. Class was a physical challenge for me.  I had to eliminate any competitiveness in yoga and strive on doing my best and seeing and feeling the results.  Always after class, I obtained a relaxed and pleasant physical experience.  I would compare it to a runners high.  Like all exercises, there was slight soreness afterward but I noticed marked improvement in my flexibility. Kiley’s personality brighten up the class.  She made you smile at yourself.   Like a good coach, Kiley inspired you to do your best. "

-Del Ritchie, Gentle Yoga

"Kiley's presence and understanding of core parts of yoga for all levels makes her an amazing instructor. She clearly understands how the mind and body can work together help calm your soul while strengthening and opening up the body. Her creative mix of asanas that both challenge the body and bring serenity to the soul were the reasons that she made each class engaging. Kiley's classes draw out the yoga bliss. The graceful flow and powerful use of both words and postures make you feel grounded and connected to life. Kiley blends both traditional yoga with music and words. Correct form and spending the time to make sure that each pose is fully explored creates a unique experience for each student. Motivating students to get simple and more advanced postures correctly unite body, mind and spirit in inspiring ways."

-Derek Johnson, City Manager of San Luis Obispo, CA

"Kiley’s Gentle Yoga classes are something that both my mind & body look forward to doing!  Her stretches are unique in that both old & young can benefit.  When balance is a little precarious, Kiley’s instructions take you step by step into poses that bring inner peace & relaxation.  By the end of a session with Kiley, my body is much more in tune with the natural balance that comes as a benefit of her work-out.  She is probably one of the best yoga teachers that I’ve had in over 15 years of practicing yoga!"

-Karen Adler; Gentle Yoga 

"Kiley is absolutely amazing! I idolize her so much in her love and talent in yoga. Kiley is so open, loving, and welcoming, along with expressing an overall calmness. I was more than comfortable explaining to her my anxiety, stress, and depression I’ve struggled with for years. Letting her know my background helped her to find a focus for our session. We worked on opening hips and ended with a guided meditation. It was the most amazing experience and extremely helpful! I looked forward to a second session, which was even better than the first! After the second session, I left feeling so relaxed and happy. I was definitely on a yoga high and can’t even explain the weight that was lifted after that session. I am excited for many more sessions with Kiley and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to do yoga and/or meditation!"

-Kayla Ghidinelli; Health and Wellness Coach, Tulare, California

"I began practicing virtual yoga with Kiley over one year ago.  I was hesitant at first for many reasons.  I have herniated disks in my back, and chronic sciatica.  Twice in regular yoga classes, even with modifications, I have exacerbated my back issues and ended up in traction.  Also, I couldn’t imagine following an instructor on my laptop. Would I be too tired in the evening after work?

With Kiley at the helm, I needn’t have worried.  She contacted me the day before every session to ask how I was feeling, what I wanted to concentrate on, and if there were any poses I did not wish to do.  Kiley put together a new plan every week, and we always exercised at my pace, with lots of sweet ‘Kiley’ encouragement and kindness along the way.  No matter how tired I was at the beginning of a class, I always felt both relaxed and energized afterward. I am excited to try Kiley’s new courses!"

-Kiely Alt; online private yoga sessions

"The first time I took a class from Kiley, I could not believe she was a new teacher.  Her classes are well paced, interesting and challenging yet calming.  She has a talent of making you work without making you feel like it was a work out.  Her voice, adjustments and music all have a healing effect.  I always feel stronger and ready for life's challenges after a class with Kiley."

-Laura Ward; SLO Yoga Center

"My spastic and hectic energy that I carry with me through my day is calmed the moment I walk into the room with Kiley. It's this instant and incredible shift that happens! Her presence carries a deep rooted kindness, ease, and grace that fills any space she is in. That energy is palpable and transformative on a personal level and to the collective whole. Not only that, but I know that I am in good hands, in safe hands when I am in her class. She has much experience and extensive knowledge regarding the human body and how it should function in space and movement. I feel safe with her alignment cues and always in awe with the wide range of modifications she provides to those who are in pain or with discomfort or with an issue of any sort. She is one to find a solution so that this becomes a practice accessible for all. Kiley is an incredible teacher and a beautiful soul!!! I feel blessed to call her a fellow teacher, a friend, and to share in this community with her!"

- Jen Lovas; Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, San Luis Obispo, CA