Just maybe…life isn’t about knowing all of the answers.

Just maybe, life is about feeling everything for exactly as it is.

Maybe life is about being grateful for the highs, the lows, and the in between moments.

Maybe life is about realizing that, “Pain demands to be felt,” and that the sunshine moments in life are what makes that pain tolerable.

Happiness and gratitude isn’t everything being perfect and fine all the time.

Happiness and gratitude is recognizing that despite everything bad that might be going on, the sunshine is always there, even on your darkest days.




Fire and Light

She’s fire and light all in one.

She’ll shine a bright path while igniting the dreams that are meant to take off.

Like fireworks in the sky, she’s here to shine and leave a wave of sparks.

Sparks of inspiration, sparks of power, sparks of love.

Sparks that will conquer old wounds and love the scars left behind.

She’s wild within the freedom of her own spirit.

Stand in her way and her fire will burn you,

walk with her and her light will guide the way.





My yoga mat is always open.

If you show me the depths of your heart and you let me feel the light of your soul, you are always welcome on my yoga mat.

When we make space in our hearts, when we give more love, when we trust in the practice, abundance shows up.

When we are abundant with what we have to give, abundance returns the favor.

When we operate from a place of giving rather than taking, the world feels more beautiful.

When we learn how to feel abundance through the form of service,

that’s when we we’ve truly started living.





The place between control and letting go is surrender.

When we find the middle way between giving up and holding on too tightly, we find surrender.

Surrender lies in that space where the light meets the dark.

There’s always light behind the darkness, we just have to believe in it.

Surrender to the storms of life and the light will unfold.

Surrender to what is,

surrender to what was,

surrender to what’s to come.




The Storm

Shedding layers of stories, wounds, and memories that no longer serve us…

holding onto the lessons we’ve learned from our experiences.

When we forget how to make space within ourselves,

we carry unwanted and unnescessary pain.

Sometimes holding on is more harmful than letting go.

Hold onto the memories and the lessons,

let go of the pain and the suffering,

and never stop fighting for your best life.