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Where and when can you practice with me?

What kind of session can you schedule?

1-on-1 Yoga

This session is designed for the individual who wants to personalize their yoga practice, dive deeper into their own personal growth, and customize what they want to learn and work on. This 1-on-1 work is great for specific requests--need a sequence specialized just for your injury or health concern? Want to ask all those detailed questions that come to mind in a yoga class (where is my heel suppose to go? Where do my shoulders stack in this pose?) Want to know more about a specific style of yoga or specific poses? Ever felt like you had a bunch of alignment/pose questions for your yoga teacher but not sure when to ask? All of that can be answered in a private yoga session.  These sessions offer the freedom to cover whatever YOU want to know more of.

Kid's Yoga

Ranging from 3-10 years of age, I have special yoga classes with fun music designed to help growing kids have fun while moving their bodies. Tying together fun yoga poses, deep breaths, and interactive games, we practice yoga together to establish an outlet for these kids to move their bodies in a safe way while having fun. With experience as a pre-school teacher, I often used yoga as a tool to teach my lesson plans and support my students feelings and actions. It's a wonderful way to help the kids embody feelings. For example: shoulder shrugs up and release with deep breaths out to release angry feelings, wobbly balance poses to represent getting back up when we fall down, sunshine arms for happiness, slow belly breaths for quiet time, warrior poses for courage and strength, etc.  and most importantly we set verbal intentions throughout our classes like: I am awesome, I am kind, I am strong. Most importantly, we have a ton of fun!

Workshop Yoga

Are you a studio owner or yoga student seeking greater knowledge on a specific topic? Want to spend two hours breaking down backbends or inversions? Want to spend a weekend learning the unique aspects of alignment and anatomy? Want a weekend that feels like a little mini teacher training without having to go through the 200 hours to get certified? If there is a yoga topic you want to know more about, spend a couple hours covering, or even practicing for an entire weekend, these workshop events are perfect for you or your studio.

Essential Yoga

Essential Yoga infuses doTERRA essential oils with Vinyasa and Restorative yoga, as well as gentle hands-on adjustments. When essential oils are used throughout yoga, they have the potential to serve as a powerful tool. They have the potential to enhance your yoga experience and support your overall wellbeing throughout the class. Using both the aromatic and topical benefits of the oils, this class sets the intention to have you leave feeling balanced, restored, and renewed.

Yoga & Coaching

Yoga can be very emotional in addition to physical. Sometimes when we practice yoga, connect to our breath, and release stress from our bodies, emotions we've been storing inside of us finally come up and release. Our mats can be a very safe place to process the stress, emotions, and pain we feel. While the yoga practice can be very powerful all on its own, sometimes it's even more helpful to take the process a step further. I am a certified life coach and registered yoga teacher. I have developed many yoga sequences and coaching tools to help process through pain and stress. These tools offer techniques on how to find freedom in that stress and pain. The combination of practicing yoga followed by life coaching can be very beneficial because it allows us to process difficult topics from a calm place in our bodies, rather than a scattered place in our minds. If you're interested in life coaching, let's take it to the mat.

Corporate Yoga

Interested in learning how to decrease absenteeism and increase retention rate in your company? Wouldn't it be nice if your associates could take a yoga class at the office before work, on their lunch break, or after work to beat traffic before heading home? Let's talk and see how we can increase productivity and lower healthcare costs within your company by incorporating a yoga class at your office space. I can promise that offering wellness in the workplace will drastically benefit both your company and your employees. 

Let's Start Yoga and Meditation for Teachers and Students

This is a special program created from love to bring yoga and meditation into schools. My mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for students and teachers to practice yoga and meditation. Together, we can cultivate a life long practice that offers physical, mental, and emotional support during pivotal growth periods in life.  My goal creating these classes is to make a difference in students’ lives, make a difference in teachers’ lives, and offer support for everyone involved. A few of our favorite opportunities in this program include: yoga assemblies, yoga for students in the classroom, yoga classes for teachers before or after school, special online classes, and so much more. 

Fundraiser Yoga

Do you have a cause, organization, charity, or program near and dear to your heart? Instead of collaborating with the local restaurant, let's host a yoga class together! We will dedicate the class to this cause and a percentage (of our choosing) of the proceeds will go towards the cause you are supporting. Participants will be excited to take a yoga class and feel good knowing their support went to a great cause.

Group Yoga

Five or more people with the desire to practice yoga. Are you a school teacher interested in hosting a yoga class for your students? Are you a manager interested in hosting a yoga class for your employees on their lunch break? Planning your best friend's bachelorette party? Are you a sports coach interested in incorporating yoga into one of your practices? Are you president of a club or organization interested in hosting a yoga event? Are you a school principal interested in hosting an assembly featuring yoga for your students? Are you a small business owner interested in collaborating? All of these are amazing opportunities to schedule a group yoga class. Any amount of people welcome, you name the place, and we will schedule a time. 

Athlete Yoga

Growing up I played club soccer and then went on to play club lacrosse at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I love sequencing yoga classes around athlete's specific needs and around particular sports. I have worked with athletes such as olympic swimmers and college football quarterbacks, just to name a couple. If you're a coach, athletic director, team manager, or athlete looking to improve flexibility, target specific muscle groups used in your sport, support injury prevention, and strength train in a unique way, these specialized yoga classes are just for you.

Retreat Yoga

Are you a part of a group, company, team, or organization that plans yearly retreats, conferences, trips, leadership summits, team trainings, or company trips? Ever thought about having a private yoga teacher available to teach classes during these trips, trainings, and events? Similar to guests like key note speakers and team building strategists, now you can have yoga and meditation classes as a main event at your next big gathering.


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When and Where?

Locations and times of public classes, workshops, and events will be posted and linked in the above calendar!

Locations and times of private sessions are up to YOU. Let's pick a time and location that works best for YOU! 


Email me, info@kileyschottenfeld.com or fill out the below field to schedule a private class, workshop, or event:

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